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Different ways of Search Monetization

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Benefits of Working With Us

The biggest software developers in the industry trust Search-Monetizer with their Search businesses because we provide everything they need in one powerful platform.

Transparent statistics

Through an in-house tracking system, it is possible to collect accurate statistics on the performance of advertising. There are daily updates of turnover and traffic.

Experienced team

Our team has years of experience in monetizing search traffic, making us a suitable partner for long-term collaboration.

Easy implementation

Simple and fast implementation without additional effort. Add just one snippet of code to your software product or website. Integration takes less time than making a cup of coffee.

Permanent optimization

We look after your website or your software product permanently and look, where there are still optimization possibilities.

User-friendly advertising

One of our strengths is the high level of consumer satisfaction. We only offer user-friendly advertising, which ensures a high number of returning users.

Highest payout rates

Strong partners such as Yahoo, Bing and over 16,000 online shops help us get the best of your search traffic. Search-Monetizer combines leading technologies to guarantee the highest payout rates.

``Where there is unity there is always victory.``

The strongest Partners in the Industry

Search-Monetizer has the strongest partners to help you earn money. Partners such as Yahoo, Bing and more than 16,000 affiliate shops give you only the premium monetization of your search.

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